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We Are A FULL SERVICE Commercial Cleaning Service,
Specializing In Medical Offices For The Past 14 Years.

Stat Service does what office personnel are too busy to do – cleaning and maintenance. We remove the worry of basic cleaning, floor care and even fabric cleaning. Our maintenance regimens are custom-designed to fit your specific building needs. Traffic patterns, tenant preferences, special cleaning standards and many other elements are considered when designing the right program for your building. Through Stat Service, customers are matched with the right people with the right training. It’s how the job gets done the right way the first time. Training programs ensure that every Stat employee is uniformly and completely trained to represent the goals mandated by our commitment to excellence. Rigorous interviews, background checks and evaluations make sure that every employee we hire is among the best.

Stat quality goes beyond the shine on the floor. A support staff is ready to assist clients 24 hours a day. We quickly assess any issues that might arise and respond with the most efficient and effective solution.

Are you looking for specialized maintenance such as emergency cleanup?  It’s time you learned more about our Special Services.